"A band of four architects that create in the space of imagination. True emotion, exploring true virtues, acknowledging what is, asking what if."


Composed of guitar, saxophone, vocals and drums in tandem with synthesizers and digital production, CMYK fuses the sound-worlds of electronic music with live, melodic instrumentation.  Their debut EP combined the genres of funk, electronic, alternative and dance.  Working full-time as architects/designers in Manhattan, having met at architecture school at Syracuse University. Their backgrounds contribute a distinct approach to musical composition and performance, inspired by the overlap of visual and sound design.


CRANDANGULAR | new album

"A story about moving to New York in your mid 20s, neither here nor there, on the hard-fought journey to piece of mind."


We confront the joys, the griefs, the angers, the failures, the triumphs, the celebrations, and the zen. Which is the most important, the zen. Ultimately, crazy shit is gonna happen: crazy good, and crazy bad. All of those things revolve around the connection between you and someone and I. If we sincerely care about ourselves AND each other, we can find peace, despite the craziness. It’s not easy to get there, but we wish that for everyone who listens. We went on this journey to make yours a little easier.


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