CMYK fuses the sound-worlds of electronic music with live, melodic instrumentation. Composed of four members and based out of their home studio in Brooklyn, CMYK uses guitar, saxophone, vocals and drums in tandem with synthesizers and digital production. The members of CMYK work full-time as architects/designers in Manhattan, having met in architecture school at Syracuse University. Their backgrounds contribute a distinct approach to musical composition and performance, inspired by the overlap of visual and sound design. Their debut EP, Prequel (2014), explored funk, electronic, alternative and dance sound. Their first album, Crandangular, released September 28, 2018, is the culmination of three years of musical and architectural work, an emotional and cohesive journey through the lives of 20-somethings in New York. Through darkness, heartbreak, anxiety and fear, come freedom, joy, celebration and peace.

CMYK is:

Matt Wood - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Electronic Beats, Production, Mixing

Mike Palmer - Saxophone

Andrew O'Neill - Vocals

Grant Foster - Drums